FlashForge Creator X

FlashForge Creator X

You may have read my review of the old FlashForge Creator and you might be asking yourself what you will be getting for the additional $320 for Creator X. The FlashForge Creator X is by no means a revolution to the Creator series, but is dose come with some notable improvements.

Right away you will notice the most dramatic improvement is the frame. The Creator X has an aluminum frame which increases the structural integrity of the printer. True to the FlashForge heritage, the frame is covered by black wood paneling with only one face exposing the inner workings instead of 3. This presumably improves the  print environment.

Users will appreciate the improvement to the leveling system. The old Creator uses a 4 point system. The Creator X removes knob to provide easier and more accurate leveling. The most impressive improvement was made to the build plate. The engineers at FlashForge thickened up the build plate which created better heat distribution. This provided a better build area for prints to adhere to, and also prevent warping.

Outside of these improvements, the rest of the components are very similar to those found in the original Creator. That’s not to say there isn’t good things going for the original. The FlashForge Printers have some of the best dual extrusion printers at their price point. The Creator X is definitely a printer you  should take a closer look at.



Where to buy

Amazon.com – FlashForge Creator X 3d Printer


Resolution 0.1-0.3 mm(adjustable)
Maximum build volume 8.9” x 5.7” x 5.9”
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 MM
Filament Diameter 1.75 MM
Printer Size 12.6” x 18.4” x 15”
Connectivity SD Card / USB
Filament ABS and PLA

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