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Congratulations you have found Maker Games, a community of makers passionate about games. What kind of games you ask? Anything really. If we can make it, we will play it. This site is dedicated to finding and sharing these “maker games” with the world, so join the community and start making.

If you are really passionate about the idea of making games, we are looking for volunteers to help us grow our community and share their awesome talents. Don’t hesitate to get involved.

Our charter is made of 4 basic principles; creating, making, playing, and sharing. Here is a deeper look at what we are all about:


It takes time, patients, hard work and lots of trial and error to create a game. So why do we do it you ask? Creating games lies at the intersection of imagination, exploration, passion and camaraderie. There is nothing more satisfying than gathering a group of people together and playing a home creation. The best part is that if you start to loose, you can always make up new rules…


For some reason we like to hold the games we play. No digital duplicate can create the same sensation of pricking up a game piece and moving it across a board. We aspire to use progressive technologies to bring our games to life. Tools like 3D printing and laser etching were made for us. We want to share with our community ways to access these tools and use them to share and promote their games.


Oddly, this is not our favorite part of the Maker Game experience. Sure we love a thought provoking and challenging game, but the real beauty is seeing our creations take the field, lead the charge or topple a foe. Win or loose, making is our passion, playing is the icing on the cake.


Last but not least, we love to share. We are a growing community, and we want everyone to participate. No one likes a one player game. Go ahead start sharing.