There is less than two weeks left in the NecroVirus customizable zombie game Kickstarter campaign, and they have a long way to go to meet their $100,000 goal. There is not doubt these guys are trying. If you have been following their update, they are throwing in the kitchen sink for anyone that contributes.

A week into their campaign BoardCraft announced their 3D printable fantasy dungeon title set. As you can see from the pictures below, it is quite impressive. The tiles are built in 28mm or heroic scale, and offer a pretty sweet selection right out of the gate.  I’m not entirely certain, but it appears that the tiles are built on the same system as the NecroVirus tiles.

This is by no means the first printable dungeon tile set on the market, but the quality and attention to detail on these sets look top notch.

There is still time to contribute to the campaign.

3D Printable Dungeon Tiles

3D Printable 28mm Dungeon Tiles

3D Printable 28mm Cave

3D Printable Dungeon Tiles

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