Last week my Dungeon Explore 48 card prototype arrived. I’ve just barely been able write down a few thoughts on it. Here they are.

Design Validation

The main purpose for this prototype is to get a better idea about how the cards are ultimately going to print. Because my design background is heavily weighted in the digital world, these prototypes become a sanity check that the designs still function in the physical world outside of my computer screen.

I had made some substantial changes to this batch of cards that added more clarity and sharpness to the details on the cards. I has happy to see that in almost every case I liked the results. The one problem that I saw was that some of the dark colors got so dark that some detail was lost. You may be able to see that in the chasm card below.

Note that the lighting isn’t great in the photo of the card, but it does demonstrate what I mean about some of the darker details being lost. The walls of the chasm are almost non-existent in the print version.


Image Quality

Validating how a design translates to print is important, and understanding the printer quality is a big part of it. The cards that I have created have a considerable amount of detail, and I need to know that a printer can stand up to the task.

I’m pleased to say that overall I am satisfied with the quality of the prints. There is one issue that has been bugging me. I’ve noticed that the color consistency is not always true from one card to another. I printed a few duplicate cards, and it seems that when I hold a few of these cards next to each other there is a slight color discrepancy. I’ll need to dig into this a little more and maybe even reach out to the printer to see what the issue might be.

The image below shows the subtle color difference between two of the exact same cards. It looks to me like one card has a subtle green hue while the other is a little more red. If you don’t notice it then great, I can be left alone in my paranoia.

Print color differences

Card Types

The biggest open question for me right now is what cards do I include in the deck. There has to be a balance between connectable rooms and spaces. I played around a bit, and you can see that I put together in just a couple minutes below. To be honest, I’m going to need more time playing around with the card prototype and using them in actual encounters to really know which cards should be included.

I am looking for people to help test the deck out. If it seems like something you would be interested in, send me a message.

Dungeon Explore Grid Map Test

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