My Friend Arian Croft (a.k.a Dutchmogul) over at  Ill Gotten Games surprised me this week with this really awesome 3D printable Dungeon Explore Card Tray. I know you were wondering how you were going to hold all of your new Dungeon Explore cards after the Kickstarter campaign. This is the solution.

The card tray has beautiful stone detail and embossed shadowy figures. It’s been crafted so that you can easily store and draw cards without any fuss. You can download the 3D printable files for free from Thingiverse.

Be sure to check out what Ill Gotten Games is up to. They are regularly sharing fantastic 3D printable designs for tabletop games. You can support their great work on Patreon.

Dungeon Explore Card Tray with tabletop miniatures

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