I’m a fan of Mice and Mystics, the light table top RPG game from Plaid Hat Games. For those of you familiar with the game, you will know the stock components and miniatures are fantastic. While cruising Shapeways, I stumbled upon some 3D Printable component upgrades that amplify what comes in the box. ¬†Check them out. They are beautiful.

3D Printable Cheese Golem – View files

3D Printable Cheese Golem
photo by Roolz

Rotating Cheese Wheel Clock – View files

photo by Roolz

Mice and Mystic Token Upgrades – View files

photo by Roolz

Pipe Token Upgrade – View files

photo by Roolz

The designer, Roolz, services a Shapway shop called Pimp My Games. There are a bunch of other great upgraded piece to make your favorite games even more interesting.

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