3D printing is charging into the table top space with unique, customizable miniature. The newest group to try their hand is Imagine 3D Miniatures, a 3D miniatures design studio. They have recently launched via Kickstarter Mounted Heroes, a set of customizable 3D fantasy characters and their beastly mounts. They have an impressive array of equipment and options for Humans, Orcs, and mounts with the promise of more races to come as they meet their stretch goals.

There have been similar projects in the past, most notably Hero Forge. Mounted Heroes has taken the concept to the next level buy introducing highly detailed mythic creatures. The approach leads me to believe that Imagine 3D Miniatures wants their miniatures to be leading an assault on epic level battlefields instead of the dark dungeon of an RPG game.

Keep your eyes on these guys.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign, and let me know what you think in the comments.

3D printable Knight

3D printable Orc

3D printable Boar

3D printable Dragon

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