If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have been working on a tabletop miniatures game call Scrap World. I thought I’d invite you into the game design process and share a battle report between my good friend Austen and I. Right away, you will see that the prototypes are pretty crude, but there are some very solid mechanics that have made game a pleasure to test and play. You also may notice that I am using Battletech  robots from the WizKids Mechwarrior game. This is not a Battletech game, it’s just what I had on hand. The rules are quit different.

Round 1

I move in and take position in the walled area (green stripes). Austen Comes in from the right with “Saw Bot” and takes a quick shot that doesn’t make it through the walls. His “Hammer” lines up and takes a lucky shot through the buildings and damages my “Laser Bot” for 3.

There was a little confusion about whether or not a homing missile is blocked my terrain. I made note to go back a look at that in more detail.

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Round 2 -3

I take a few pot shots, but inflict little damage. “Saw Bot” rushes in and and gets personal with “Laser Bot”. I get some lucky defense rolls, and and come of relatively unharmed.

“The Hammer” also rushes in, and all of the units get a little shaken. My “Laser Bot” deals some damage back.

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Round 4

Austen has some trouble with my battle axe, and in a surprising move he slips out of combat with my bruiser and gains up on “Laser Bot”. Sadly, “Laser Bot” can’t take the beating and gets knocked out.

Play Test Battle Report

Round 5

In an act of retaliation I knock out “The Hammer” and force “Saw Bot” behind a building. My last unit is still in pretty good shape, and I am feeling confident I can take out “Saw Bot” who has some damage.

Play Test Battle Report

Round 6-9

We both take a breath before Austen makes sudden foray against my remaining unit. I delever some serious blows against “Saw Bot”, but my battle axe falls against a remarkable armor save forcing the two opponents into a brief firefight that leave “Saw Bot” the last figure standing.

Play Test Battle Report


The new defense mechanic added an interesting layer of strategy. Every time a unit took fire we had to decide whether or not to spend the energy to prevent the damage and risk being limited in the next round or take the hit and have more options. We played a version where we decided after the damage roll whether or not to use extra defense, but I wonder if that decision had to be made before the damage roll was made how that would change our strategies.

Overall, I felt really good about the game. I could see some serious improvement to the mechanics from the last time I played with Austen.

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