Scrap World is a sci-fi tabletop miniatures wargame where players take control of a small group of tactical battle suits and fight for the survival and prosperity of their people. Players carefully craft and customize their battle suits before each mission in order to adapt and maximize their strategy. Whichever player can scrape together the most effective force will seize the victory.

Scrap World Universe:

After the fall of the central governance, the Great Houses of the planet Terram warred to gain authority over the world and its people. Their greed and lust for dominion fueled terrible wars that force much of the planet’s people into servitude or captivity. The Great House leaders built armies of war machines and developed technologies of destruction. They wielded their power against their rivals in epic war that consumed the planet.

The fighting brought the Terram to its knees, nearly causing its complete destruction. With anger and hatred the populace rose up against the House nobles. Fearful of the revolt, many of the Great Houses fled the planet and escaped to the barely hospitable neighboring planets of the solar system. Those that didn’t flee were dismantled and destroyed.

Even after centuries of recovery, the planet remains scarred by the holocaust. The once great cities stand abandoned and in decay, forest overrun the great strongholds of old and wastelands still stand as graveyards to the many fallen warriors who fought on the horrific battlegrounds.

The fall of the noble Houses should have brought peace and unity to the broken planet, but the distrust and discontent of authority that festered from a millennia of abuse by House governance caused this fragile post-war society to fracture even further. Clans, tribes, and families separated themselves and sought out places of retreat and guarded their humble corners of the planet with furocity.

To say the time after the great house wars has been a time of peace would be stretching the meaning of the word; but the the world began to prosper. While no clan would expose themselves to a complete truce, they did form loose alliances and trade agreements. The people set to work restoring life. The ancient machines of war were salvaged and used to rebuild infrastructure and stability.

Culture and diversity flourished in this new world. The familial governments that pocketed the lands established their own laws, religions, and traditions. The divided groups took pride in their difference and heritage and wore them proudly as a badge of distinction. The clothing, technology, homes, and belief systems defined and divided the people of Terram. A relished freedom that would never have been tolerated under the sterile hierarchy of the House dominance.

With this semblance of stability, the clans of Terram now slowly spread across the planet. Wars for territory, resources, and pride flare and simmer. Brave families preach for a better world. Bandits roam the highways and crossroads. Courage falters and heroes rise. Terram is again becoming great. Reborn from the rubble of war.

Play the game

Scrap World is currently in testing. If you are interesting in play testing the game, reach out to us directly, and we can get you a copy of the Alpha ruleset. You can also checkout battle reports from out play tests: Battle Report with AustenBattle Report with Taleea

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