I had Austen over again to play test Scrap World. He has gone through many versions of the game, and I’m always glad that he keeps coming back. Apparently, he hasn’t gotten bored of it yet.

Tonights Play through had a very specific goal. I wanted to have Austen and I put together our own battle suits. In preparation of the game, I sent Austen a list of available weapons and told him to put together a 200 point force. He obliged and for the first time we played a game without using pre-configured battle suits. This was quit exciting because the pre-configured units were a little predictable, and really don’t achieve the games ultimate goal which is customization.

Austen’s Units

200 points makes for a really tight game, and Austen put together an impressive force. He took the Lancer and the Scout. The Scout acted as his ranged support unit using the Flamer and some basic armor. The Lancer on the other hand was armed heavily for close quarters combat and took the battle axe and shields.

Prototype Player Cards

Prototype Player Cards


My Unit’s

Austen and I had some similar choices. I also took the Lancer and the Scout, but armed my Scout with a saw and assault armor giving it the highest initiative on the field and making it a nasty melee fighter. My Lancer I turned into a tank with heavy armor and a laser cannon. Fearing that it would be vulnerable without a melee weapon I also gave it a shield.

Prototype Player Cards

Prototype Player Cards


Game Play

Round 1

The battle field was set up with a heavy concentration of obstacles in the center. Austen put down the first unit, then I put down my two units to the extreme right, and Austen put his last unit near the middle.

Battle Report Player Setup

Round 2 and 3

My initial plan was to rush in with my melee Scout and provide cover with my Lancer. Austen held his units back and used the ready action to get the initiative once I moved in. As I moved in, I was lucky to cause some serious damage in my initial strike and I was able to swing the initiative to my favor.

Battle Report rounds 1-2

Rounds 4 and 5

While I was able to deal the first blow, some very unfortunate rolls and a few bad decisions put my Scout in a very hazardous position. The first bad decision was to attack Austen’s Lancer that moved in on my Scout instead of focusing my attacks on his wounded Scout. His Lancer was armed with a shield which made my melee attacks less than effective. I think I only dealt one damage during rounds 4-6. In the mean time Austen got a great shot off at my Lancer with his flamer. The tied turned against me.

Battle Report rounds

Rounds 6 and 8

My strategy quickly fell apart as my Scout took damage and ran out of energy to make more effective moves. Austen closed in on my Scout and after finishing him off, he charged in with melee weapons to beat down my remaining unit. The final blow was with a swing of the battle axe.

Battle Report rounds


It was a good game, and I’m happy to see that we were able to both develop effective strategies with the weapons and points we were given. The major takeaways are to take a closer look at the ranged and melee weapon types on the Chassis. Austen made a smart recommendation to combine them into arms.

I also think the point system needs a lot of refinement. This first quick stab produced some interesting dynamics to the game, but I think this area in particular can go a lot further.

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