This is another battle report for Scrap World, the table top miniatures game I am developing. In the coming week I will be posting more about the background of the game, and hopefully in not too much time, I will be publishing the alpha ruleset.

Today’s battle was between my wife and I. Yes, I finally talked her into giving the game a go. Spoiler, She whooped me. I know she got more satisfaction from winning than she admits.

Round 1

After explaining the rules, we both got set up with two battle suits. In the images below, my wife’s Battle Suits are yellow and mine are red. Here units are equipped with some decent melee weapons and mediocre ranged weapons. I have some heavy weapons, but that does cost me a critical initiative point.

In the first round, my wife gets first initiative with both her battle suits. One has assault armor improving its initiative by one, and the other won the roll. Immediate I take damage from a ranged attack as she moves in and focuses fire on my battle suit to the left. I foolishly thought the wall would provide enough cover, but I was wrong.

Play test scrap world with battletech miniuatures

I fire back with a lackluster attack and scramble my battle suit on the left further behind the wall. I also move my other battle suit up into the middle of the field to draw fire.

Play test scrap world with battletech miniuatures

Round 2-3

My wounded battle suit gets a few more shots off, but both my wife’s units move in, ignoring my battle suit that is standing in the open, and finish him off. I do start inflicting some serious damage with my heavy cannon and some missiles. By the end of the round my wife’s battle suit on the left (which she named Jaba) is down to two health and the other is down to three. My battle suit in the middle still has 6.

Play test scrap world with battletech miniuatures

Even though I am 1 unit down, I feel confident I can pick off one of her battle suits and even things up, but then my wife fires an EMP missile and wipes out my energy reserve and inflicts 2 damage. This is arguably the turning point in the game because I am standing in the open and my tactical options dramatically decrease without energy.

Play test scrap world with battletech miniuatures

Round 5-6

Knowing that she outnumbers me, my wife takes a few moments to breath, reboot and even jury rig. She is dominating the initiative order, so I don’t get a reprieve. I get one more shot off, but it isn’t enough. When she opens up with all her guns, my poor battle suit can’t take the heat.

Play test scrap world with battletech miniuatures


This game turned out to be very ranged weapon heavy. While there were some very hard decisions we each had to make, there was not a lot of movement. This wasn’t bad necessarily, but IĀ have some ideas around limiting the effectiveness of ranged weapons when being fired at a long distance that might make things more interesting.

I also am again reminded that I need to put together some scenarios. This round was fun, but I personally could use something to mix things up.

Game time: 45 minutes

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