3D printable scenery has been creeping onto tabletops all over the world, and a handful of companies have popped up to deliver content. Not too long ago I wrote about Printable Scenery, a company based in New Zealand, that is creating stunning scenery. They have amazing fantasy and sifi pieces that rival much of what you would you might find for said at a hobby shop. Boarcraft, another 3D printable game company, took a stab at funding a Kickstarter. They had an ambitious goal of raising $100,00 to fund their 3D printable game. Ultimately, they were only they maxed out a $28,000 worth of support.

A few days ago I caught wind of another couple guys trying their hand in the 3D printable tabletop gaming space. Yesterday, they launched a Kickstarter to fund their version of 3d printable post apocalyptic scenery. Their approach approach is quit different from what Boardcraft tried. These guys have put together a handful of interesting pieces and are looking to raise $568 USD to fund their project. For $20 you can get your hands on some unique post apocalyptic scenery that you can print on your 3D printer.

Thunder Chrome

I applause Thunder Chrome for pushing the 3D printed game boundaries, and I hope they find engagement with post apocalyptic gamers. What I am most interested in seeing is how these guys and other like them fare against the free and open market. There are some really amazing creators that are charging nothing for their designs. The two that always come to mind are Ill Gotten Games and OpenForge. For a lot of people that is what is most amazing about 3D printers is the incredible access to great content.

I suspect that what has become the strongest driver in the 3D game space is the vibrant community. Any group of people that build their creations around that stands a good chance of succeeding. So, I will take the honor of welcoming Thunder Chrome into this passionate group of gamers.

Here are some pics if Thunder Chrome’s 3d printable post apocalyptic scenery.  Go check out their Kickstarter campaign.


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.30.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.29.54 PM



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