I took a short sabbatical from 3D design to work on crafting game rules for a 3D printed miniatures game I am development. I am back, and the Tin Bot is my first design after coming off the break. It is a simple piece that can be used in steam punk or futuristic RPGs or other such table top games.

This particular model I entered into the MyMiniFactory Toys and Game competition. If you like it you can download it from their site, and in doing so you will be casting a vote. The piece can be printed assembled or in parts so you can pose the arms and legs. I plan on doing a couple follow up posts about how I created the miniature and share a few thoughts about why I believe 3D printed game pieces will shape the future of table top gaming.

Again, if you like what you see, Download the 3D printable files and cast your vote in the MyMiniFactory contest.

Tin Bot 3D printed game piece

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